Fig 1: Proxy Pattern (Source: Google)

Fig 1: Circuit Breaker (Source: Google)

Fig 1: Design Patterns ( Source: dribbble )

Aggregator Pattern

Fig 1: Best Practices (Source: Google)


Fig 1: Microservices (Source: Google)

Monolithic Application Architecture

Fig 1: Containers (Source: Google)

Evolution of Application Architecture

Generation 01: The Dark Ages

One Physical Server — One Application

Fig 01: Js (Source: Google)

6. Template Literals

Fig 1: JS — Source: Google


Chain of Responsibility Pattern is a Design pattern that forms sequentially connected components and consumers can simply pass the object to the first component. Then that particular object gets processed by each component according to the constructed sequence.

Damsak Bandara

Associate Software Engineer at Virtusa

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